Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi there. What are you doing tonight? 

Me, like a million other morons in the world, I'm planning to watch the stupid Academy Awards show.

It's so boring, and yet I feel like I've missed something if I don't watch it. If I do, I get bored and restless and feel like I'm wasting my time.

You have to hand it to Hollywood. They get paid to advertise. They actually sell commercials for the show, and the show itself is a big PR stunt for their movies. Is that smart or what?

Gee, I wish I was that smart. Obviously, I'm not. Here I am blogging for free. (BTW, click on these ads, and someday I might get paid.)

I don't even know who or what has been nominated. I just went online and tried to find the list and couldn't. Found a million BS stories with photos about what color dress some actress is going to wear on the stupid red carpet.

I don't care. i just want the damn Oscar list. Let's see what I can remember. I think that ballet movie with the woman who goes crazy is nominated for something. What was it again? Oh, yeah, "Black Swan." Whew, thought I'd never remember.

A friend of mine, a screenwriter, said he thought Natalie Portman did a great acting job. Say what? I thought she didn't do much acting. She had the same worried, tight-ass expression on her face 80% of the time. That's acting?

Still, I thought the movie was powerful and unforgettable. Some people said the dancing was great. No, it wasn't. I used to be a dance critic, and I took Imperial Russian Ballet lessons years ago, so I know something about ballet. If you want to see "Swan Lake" for real, look at the Kirov Ballet on YouTube (link below).

Let's see if I can recall what else I've seen. Oh, yeah, I tried to watch that movie about hillbillies in the Ozarks. What was it called? "Winter's Bone." I tried to watch it and couldn't cut it. Tried two or three times. Here is an excerpt from my review, off Netflix:

"Horrible place, horrible people. Rural poverty, no values, no dignity, no hope. I was not intrigued, entertained, engaged, fascinated, or enlightened. I felt sorry for the girl, and then scared for her, and then I couldn't wait to get away."  

I finally found the list. If you look at it, the same five or six movies are nominated again and again. What does that mean? Were those all the good movies, out of perhaps 300 films released in 2010? I doubt it, but I do know it's good PR if a movie wins more than one of those little gold statues.

Those are the only two movies on the list that I have seen or tried to watch. I used to love the movies when I was a kid, but not so much any more. I wish they'd quit making movies for teenagers and morons. I would love to love the movies again. Don't hold your breath.

Who am I rooting for? I don't care. Let's see what happens tonight. I just hope the show isn't too stupid. 

Who are you rooting for? Do you care? Leave a comment below. Thanks.

-- Roger

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Sharine said...

Roger, Ron turned on the pre-Oscars show for a few moments. I literally thought I was going to puke listening to women gush over other women's gowns and hair and jewelry. I think it is good for people of any gender to support others, but these women sounded fake. Fake.

I was listening from the kitchen. When I went to see the footage, I, again, literally, felt my stomach lurch. Huge, pasted-on smiles glowing with neon-white teeth. Faces filled with botox, collagen and who knows what else. Cosmetic surgery role models.

I lasted all of two minutes before asking Ron if he felt like he was ill. He said, yeah, what is this?

For a few moments, I enjoy looking at pretty people in pretty clothes with pretty damn expensive jewelry. But this kind of egregious display of wealth, power and prestige is too much. It does no good in the world. It solves no important problem. It helps no one in need.

Roger R. Angle said...

Yeah, and beside that it's really boring.