Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was watching Jake Tapper on ABC-TV this morning and I believe he said something about an "angry storm," referring to Hurricane Irene.

What outrageous bullsh*t. And a headline in The Daily Beast said "Hurricane Fury Hits New York."

How ridiculous. Storms are not angry or furious.They have no human feelings. This is the old pathetic fallacy, that you may have heard about in English class, attributing human emotions to nature.

Nature doesn't care abut you or me. Babbling brooks are not kind hearted. The sun doesn't come up in the morning because it loves you. You might love it, because you are in fact capable of love, and anger, and other human emotions.

"Angry" storm? "Furious" hurricane? How stupid. And how inaccurate. I suppose a storm could be violent in its effect, but not in its motive.

You wonder how much you can trust these news organizations when they are so full of bull. They seem to have flunked English 101.

-- Roger

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