Monday, March 14, 2011


I was thinking over the weekend, I don't know what my life would be like if I wasn't a writer. I would go crazy.

I don't understand how "normal" people do it. What do they do all day?

For me, I have to have this huge project going on, with new problems and new challenges coming up all the time. It is like building an airplane from scratch in your backyard. It's easy to build one, but not easy to build one that flies.

So many things have to come together at the same time for a novel to work. You have to have a main character or group of characters in motion, involved in something that is vitally important to them. They have to be trying to accomplish something and take a series of increasingly serious emotional and physical risks to get it done.

The whole thing has to engage the audience and keep them engaged. You have to make a series of decisions before you start: point of view, attitude, tone, story problem, premise, setting, time frame, the list seems endless.

And then you have to "sing like you don't need the money" as one old song goes.

If I didn't have that to do, every day, I think I'd go bananas. Life would be so boring. I'd have to find a job where I could travel all the time and have constant adventures. Otherwise, you'd have to lock me up, for my own protection.

-- Roger

© Copyright 2011, Roger R. Angle

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